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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

I wrote this blog a few weeks back, on our anniversary.  I couldn't figure out how to convert the tiff files to jpegs on my macbook.   Today I had a customer that was into Macs and he was able to explain it to me!!!  So here you have it some marriage advice from me.  Enjoy :-)

September 24th was my sixth wedding anniversary with my awesome husband Dan!  We've lived together for eleven years now... sometimes it seems like we met just yesterday and at times it feels like we have been together forever!  For any of the non-married / attached people- marriage isn't all long walks on the beach and lazy evenings cuddled up by the fire.  LOL!  Somehow everyday things like bad days at work, bills, cleaning the house etc seem to get in the way of the fairytale romance.

You've all heard of the seven year itch.  Well a few years back I was there!  More like I was CRAZY!  I had this weird idea that Dan was suppose to spend every waking hour of every day with me.  The more clingy and obsessive I became the less Dan wanted to hangout with me- can you blame him?!?

Around that time I was reading a Chicken Soup for the Soul book.  In it was a story about a women that was just as crazy as me!  The moral of her story was if you want dog like devotion get a dog!  Shortly after I read that story Cookie came into our lives.  All of a sudden the evenings that Dan wanted to go out with the guys didn't seem like such a huge deal.  I decided to get Cookie into some activities... we have joined agility, and scent hurdle, last winter we hung out at the Paws on the Run indoor dog park on Sundays.  What do you know I managed to get an awesome dog, new friends, and a stronger marriage!

So there you have it... my borrowed words of marriage advice.  If you want dog like devotion, get a dog.

Happy Anniversary Honey.... I love you more now then I ever have before!