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Saturday, January 7, 2012

5 Munsters and a Shar-Pei

Cookie loves Dan's new Grinch blankie!

We had a very Munster Christmas and a Yappy New Year!!  
Haha I crack myself up.

I can't believe the holidays are officially over.  I always find that they go by in such a blur as they are so busy.  Tonight is the first night I had time to sit down with a glass of wine to post what we did over Christmas.  

We had a fantastic Christmas.  We had the opportunity to spend Christmas and Boxing Day with 3 out of our 4 sets of parents... a huge feat for us.  On Christmas Eve we travelled up to my Mom and Rob's cabin located just through the Crowsnest Pass.  We were so lucky that Dan's Dad, Art, and his wife Laurie were able to come to the cabin on Christmas Eve as well.  So we ended up with my Mom, Gwen, her husband Rob, Art, Laurie, Dan, and I.  We shared Christmas Eve and Day with Cookie Munster, Chance, Steele (Cookie's Dad), Jules (Cookie's Mom), Mocca (Cookie's brother), and Sam (Art & Laurie's Shar-Pei).  Yup you read that right... we had 6 people and 6 dogs in a 600sq ft cabin.  Thankfully they have a good size chunk of land that is fenced so they could run of some steam.

Meet Sam the Shar-Pei....
....Poor guy was outnumbered
no wonder he was looking over his shoulder!

 We did all the normal Christmas stuff, open presents, cook the turkey etc...  
Grandpa Chance
The original Munster
Momma Jules
We also had an awesome fire on Christmas Day.  The weather was amazing, it was quiet, the setting was beautiful, and the wine was delicious.  Couldn't have asked for a better Christmas Day!!!
Dan stoking the fire
The boys...
Art, Dan, and Rob

Boxing Day we headed to my Dad and Carol's house in Sparwood.  We had an awesome second Christmas.  As always Carol cooked an AMAZING meal.  We were spoiled as usual with tons of fun presents... my favourites were a theatre style popcorn maker, and Cookie and I got a spotbot pet stain clean up machine!! 

All in all Christmas 2011 was great.