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Monday, August 27, 2012

Critters at the field

All summer a group of us have been heading out to the agility field for an extra practice session on Sunday mornings.  A couple times we have worked on full courses.  More often we have set up stations to work on individual skills.  This summer has been about getting back to basics with Rookie Cookie so I have found these stations extremely helpful.  This last Sunday was especially productive as we had a ton of things to work on from the previous week at Agility Camp.  

We had a couple critter visits at the field this Sunday...

While we were setting up a gamble tunnel station I discovered several VERY large spiders on the tunnel bags.  That was the start and the end of my helping set up that station.  Anything with that many eyes and legs just can't be trusted.  Spiders give me the weenie-jeebies so I didn't get any pictures of the disgusting things.

Shortly after the "spider incident" I noticed a tiger salamandar strolling across the field.  Lucky for him or her we hadn't let the dogs out yet.  So I grabbed him / her and we took the opportunity to get a couple quick pics.      

I have really enjoyed my Sunday mornings out at the agility field.  I'm sad that the summer is coming to an end and with that our Sundays at the field.  One of the reasons I joined agility was to meet new people and to make some new friends.  The group of girls I spend Sundays with are awesome and I have really enjoyed getting to know them...      

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