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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Back in the last week of August Dan and I went for our ultrasound....  I have been putting off writing this blog until I had my followup appointment with my doctor.  This appointment finally happened today.  So now that I have the "everything looks good" from the doc I thought I would share the pics.
This is as close to a profile as they could get because the baby was too big!
This picture totally creeps me out... I think it belongs in a horror movie.

Leg... kicking which seems to happen ALL the time now!

My favourite pic... Baby peace sign :-)
It was really cool to see the baby.  The little guy / gal was really active the whole time they were doing the ultrasound.  Lots of kicking and squirming and swimming around.  This seems to the the norm for the little one... I can now feel the baby all the time.  

As you probably guessed we didn't find out what sex the baby is.  Dan wanted to know and I didn't.  I'm really excited that he agreed to let me have this surprise.  There are so few real, good surprises in life and I like the fun of not knowing.  I can't wait to meet the little one and to find out what we are having!  Our due date is officially January 12th, 2013.

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onecollie said...

that is so cool to actually see the baby !
really happy for you !!1